Success Stories from Beneficiaries

Success Story from the Service Recipients

My name is Reman Adhikari. My parents were from Nepal and immigrated to Utah with a ray of hopes to improve life through capacity building. I am a high school graduate from Salt Lake City, Utah and successfully enrolled in the University of Utah with the help of scholarship I was awarded with the help from Life Skills Coordinator, Mr. Chandra Sapkota, who works as a volunteer at Community Building Services (CBS) and who consistently helped me to attend my goal to study at U of U and the entire Board of Directors are equally helpful and supportive. 

Born in a developing country and having the chance to migrate to a developed one is something that I am grateful for. To take advantage of this, I took part in clubs in school and took part in extracurricular activities such as RYLA to make my high school life more exciting.

During my time in high school, I utilized the resources available to me. I took advantage of local resources like the CBS to get my volunteering hours up. CBS also helped me be a better Nepali speaker and provided me with recommendation letters which were crucial during the college and scholarship application process. I personally have seen CBS as a strong foundation with potential opportunities for the people like us (Bhutanese youth) and others that I was facilitated to reach my cherished goal under the committed, experienced, and qualified leaderships. 

I encourage high-schoolers and teenagers to get involved in community work and take part in school activities to make your life more meaningful. 

I would like to thank the CBS for connecting me to various community resources, empowering, strengthening, and supporting me for referrals and recommendations.

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