Board of Executive Directors

The Board of Executive Directors for the Community Building Services for the term of 2021-2024 are as follows:

1) Tek Neopany – MSW, MA (Executive Director)

2. Mr. Chandra Sapkota BA (Vice President)

3. Mrs. Kausila Rai Associate Degree (Member)

4. Mr. Yadu Mishra BA (Member)

5. Mr. Megha Nath Adhikari BA (Co-Chairperson)

6. GP Dilpali (Member)

7. Mr. Karna Sunuwar High School Graduate Technical Staff

8. Mr. Dhan Karki Associate Degree Cultural Coordinator

9. Ms. Aruna Sunwar, College Student (Choreographer)

10. Mr. Sanit Gautam B.A. (Realtor) Board Member

Board of Executive Directors with South Salt Lake City Mayor Cherie Wood and City Council Members and Gerald Brown, State Refugee Coordinator, Refugee Services Office, DWS April 16, 2022

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