How We Work

Community Building Services (CBS), a community-based organization, builds partnership with the City of South Salt Lake focused on collaborating spaces to operate programs and offer high qualify services, and address community-identified emerging needs, issues and opportunities. We run programs led by program personnel. CBS collaborates with partners to identify common goals, and create own initiatives, represent the voices of underrepresented/underserved communities at University Neighborhood Partners to address systemic barriers and enhance access to education, programs and services. Our services are to support partners by encouraging active communication, relationship building and capacity building of the community members by disseminating resources.

Our Mission

Our mission is “to strengthen and empower the New Americans by promoting cultural vibrancy, education, life skills, health and civic engagement.”

Our Vision

Vision: “New Americans are culturally competent & aware, self-reliant, healthy and civically engaged by addressing systemic barriers to educational success, fostering increased access to technology, programs, and services for community members, increase participation and enhance quality of life for all served.”

Value We Uphold

CBS is committed to mutual respect, empowerment and learning rooted in wide-ranging life experiences.

Diverse knowledge and life experiences are primary to address community issues.

Understanding and knowledge are helpful tool for open, active, and mutual sharing of information and resources.

It is the right of all community members to have equal access to the greatest range of opportunities and it is their choice how to make best use of these opportunities.

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