Bylaws Review Committee

Objectives To keep Bylaws up-to-date based on emerging needs and opportunities Functions The committee shall revise CBS Bylaws on a half-yearly basis and pass the resolution unanimously. Members Dr. Paul Ross (Consultant) Tek Neopany MSW, MA (Chief Executive Director) Chandra Sapkota (Associate Director) Yadu Mishra (Member) Megha Nath Adhikari (Board Co-Chairperson)

Board of Executive Directors

The Board of Executive Directors for the Community Building Services for the term of 2021-2024 are as follows: 1) Tek Neopany - MSW, MA (Executive Director) 2. Mr. Chandra Sapkota BA (Vice President) 3. Mrs. Kausila Rai Associate Degree (Member) 4. Mr. Yadu Mishra BA (Member) 5. Mr. Megha Nath Adhikari BA (Co-Chairperson) 6. GP …

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