About Community Building Services (CBS)

The Community Building Services is a capacity building platform that creates more opportunities of self-development and self-sufficient through continued education, training and workshops by partnering with external agencies and organizations for offering resources such as citizenship classes, employment supports, and educational resources to the community. Work together with partners to build upon one another’s strengths in efforts to facilitate programming that develops community capacity and solve economic, linguistic and social barriers; ultimately leading to the creation of a strong community.


The Community Building Services (CBS) received its 501(c)(3) tax exempted status and charitable permit on February 5, 2021 with its short-term goals of developing a wide spectrum of social service-related programs, managing funding, formulating policies, expanding partnerships and organizational development and long-term goal to possess a community center for autonomously carrying out capacity building, cultural preservation and community service-related programs. It was formed initially jointly by three families and later expanded to five Board of Directors under the leadership of its chairperson. CBS addresses individuals’ and families’ multifaceted issues in an inclusive, and supportive through case management, workshops, training, educational supports, and counseling.

CBS Official Website: http://www.my-cbs.org and Facebook: Samajik Sanstha


The board of directors are qualified, like-minded, service-oriented, possibly specialized, committed and promoters of the organization. All personnel working in this corporation are the members. The board of directors also work as the executive officers committed to work with weekly predetermined hours and upon having funding, will receive compensations based on their services rendered.

Types of Programs & Services

Virtual Training and Workshops

Cultural Development

Cultural Events

Continued Education

Social Services


Leadership Development

Home Services

Effective Parenting

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