Bhutanese/Nepali New Year Celebration

Community Building Services is celebrating Nepali/Bhutanese New Year 2022 on Saturday, April 16, 2022 at 12:00 pm through 4:30 pm at the Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, Utah.

The program activities include basically dance performances for single, duet and group dance performers. It will be on the stage program open all and we will include and invite performers from other various community organizations. The performers will be awarded incentives for displaying their artistic talents.  Vendors may display their culture related items, arts, crafts and traditional cuisines by installing booths.

The primary audience of the event will be Nepali and Bhutanese of all age levels who are living in Utah since 2008 and have been celebrating their Nepali Year since 2010 in Utah. We will invite other organizations and agencies to share our cultural values and heritages and learn from each other. The populations from Salt Lake City will be benefited from this event. We expect an approximate of over 650+ people from Utah state. The venue of the event will be access to all general folks with public transportation and consistent with ADA compliance.

Goals of the Event:

Promoting neighborhood and community unity

Education opportunity for young people

Promoting diversity and cultural identity

We will invite as many organizations and agency as possible to outreach to more other communities to participates.

We will print about 1000 flyers and distribute in the groceries, community centers, door to door, post on the social media like Facebook, Instagram and also email flyer to those who can read and understand. We will also produce short video clip about the event and post on the media. We will also post the detail of event on “Nowplaying Utah.

We will measure community impact and the effectiveness of our event by interacting with audience, seeking their opinions and suggestions for future effective events. The number of performers from own community and other communities and their quality performance entertain and engage audience which will develop a sense of cultural values, oneness and intercommunity collaborations. The number of folks attended the event also measures the effectiveness of our event. We will also take note of satisfactions expressed by participants, agencies, organizations and stakeholders. The interactions among the audience and participants in sharing cultural values, vitality and aspects of culture that they learned from each other are the significant indicators of effective event and community impact.

Organizing such type of event is the need of the community engagement. Community’s participation at the event that encourages performers and organizer to enhance such programs and events in future. Based on this strength, we are fortunate to have team commitment, donors’ commitment, leaders’ supports and performers’ enthusiasm in the participation of event. The consistent support and volunteer contributions from the community members are the great sources of support for this proposal. ACE Funding allows us to organize event which helps us to tackle with the financial barriers.

Preserving our unique cultural identity by participating at the local cultural events and organizing such cultural events is the felt need of our community. There is no other alternative or option that our community can demonstrate its cultural competency when there is no such event. The event certainly fulfills community’s need when event is organized and younger generations learn community values, learn from each other and event helps folks sharing their values, opinions and helps to bolster community engagement with unique or underserved communities. Event is the great source of promoting friendship, unity, and provide a great opportunity to the underserved communities to expose to other communities and helps in social integration harmoniously. We will also adhere to ADA compliance ensuring people with disabilities will have easy access to the event and ensure their safety and reserved place. This program is open to all and free of cost for all levels of ages.

We demonstrate our commitment to provide a sustainability plan to reduce waste and lessen the environmental impact on the planet. We will ensure that we will not leave any garbage on the ground that pollute the environment and makes unsafe for folks. We will ensure that we will dispose plastic water bottles in the recycle bins and garbage in the trash bins. We will not violet the rules and regulations of waste management system and consistently adhere to the city policy of waste disposal. At the end of the event, we will ensure the ground and event venue will be cleaned and dispose wastes in the proper places.

We definitely take concrete step to make our event safe by lessening the spread of COVID-19. We will consistently practice COVID-19 protocols by wearing face masks, and maintaining 6-Feet Distance and sanitize the used surfaces before and after the event.

In case we host a virtual event, we will post the video clips on the social media and share to diverse communities and post on “Nowplaying Utah” which will be watched by the entire population who have accessed and share on the Facebook which will receive the global audience to witness.

Update Saturday, April 16, 2022, New Year Celebration

As planned, the Nepali New Year 2079 BS was celebrated chaired by Dr. Paul Ross and chief guest, Gerald Brown, State Refugee Coordinator, Refugee Service Office, Dept of Workforce Services on Saturday, April 16, 2022 in the Auditorium of Columbus Center organized by organizing committee of Community Building Services under the leadership of Tek Neopany (MSW, MA), CBS Executive Director.

There were dances from Aruna, Jenisha, Januska, Bhagya and Sarika on Guransh fulda Banai Ramailo. On Balak panko Umera performed by Roshika and Aayusha. Priyanka Karki danced on the traditional song and Rabi Subedi sang vocally by playing madal. Two of the dances were cancelled due to performers sickness.

The Board of Executive Directors (Dr. Paul Ross, Tek Neopany, Chandra Sapkota, Sanit Gautam, Yadu Mishra, Kaushila Rai, Aaron Acharya, Megh Nath Adhikari) were introduced by awarding Certificate of Appreciation through the hand of Mayor Cherie Wood.

CBS Volunteers Nar Karki, Renuka Karki, Dhan Karki, Abinash, Ashika, Amrita were given Certificates of Appreciation for their tremendous contributions with gift cards through hands of Guests – Fatima Dirie, Amy Dott, and Halima Hussein. Dancers were also provided with certificates of appreciations and gift cards.

There were over twenty-two guests and over 70 community members were presented during the event. Nepali cuisine – Samosa was provided. Karna Sunuwar and Tek Neopany anchored the program. The event ended at 2 pm.

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