Celebration of World Refugee Day

Community Building Services celebrates World Refugee Day every year in June around third week by participating at the event with dance performance and rendering volunteer services to make the event successful. During the event, dance performers from our Nepali/Bhutanese community participate through dances, volleyball and soccer tournaments among the refugee led organizations. This event provides an opportunity to learn from each other, socialize and familiarize with other communities and ultimately helps in social integration and grow together in solidarity and advance the cultural vibrancy enriching outlooks, cultural values, and social transformation. The people from the refugee background who experienced the atrocities and tyrannical behaviors from their former government, reflect, criticize and create awareness among themselves and share the story to their children so that they won’t be refugees again in future life.

This year the World Refugee Day is on Friday and Saturday June 17 and 18, 2022 respectively. This event is open to all and free of cost. During the event, community members, individuals and families reserve booths to install tents to display their antiques, traditional items, cultural items, clothes, ornaments and serve their typical traditional cuisines.

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