Cultural Development – An Overview

A. Dance Class Project

Community Building Services has been operating Dance Class since 2020 on Friday evening 4-7 pm instructed by Ms. Aruna Sunwar and managed by Mr. Tek Neopany, MSW, at the Community Opportunity Center (inside Columbus Center) in collaboration with the City of South Salt Lake and parents who provide transportation to their own children. The Dance class is operated on semester base. Mr. Karna Sunuwar is a Cultural Support Coordinator and Mr. Dhan Karki coordinates for events. Currently, eighteen children are participating in the dance class. CBS partners with Utah Arts and Museums, Salt Lake City Corporation and Refugee Services Office for technical supports. There are over 30 more children underserved by this program due to the lack of funding.

B. Cultural Events

  1. Nepali/Bhutanese New Year Celebration
  2. Annual Festival – Teej
  3. Dashain Festival
  4. Tihar Festival
  5. Mother Day Celebration

C. External Events

  1. Living Traditions Festival
  2. World Refugee Day Celebration
  3. Asian Festival
  4. Craft Lake City – Do It Yourself Festival